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Move better, stand taller, exercise pain-free

Fit 4 Life DC - Not Your Average Gym


Come as you are. We are here for you.


It starts with a friendly smile and a “Hello” and ends with a reassured feeling of being guided on the road to well being.


Oldies, jazz, or classical music greets you softly in the background as you step into our studio. Natural lighting fills the area as you recognize the familiar faces of trainers and feel the camaraderie between you and your fellow gym members. Focused, individualized attention is our commitment to you, with no more than four clients training at one time.


During your session, you have the full, one-on-one attention of your expert trainer to ensure that you work safely and effectively throughout your program.


Your session consists of:

  • Warm-up—10 minutes of cardio, getting your body ready.
  • Release Work (as needed)—loosening and letting go.
  • Rehab Exercises (as needed; condition specific)—restoring balance.
  • Core Conditioning—building your foundation.
  • Weight Training—developing your strength.
  • Passive Stretching—relaxing, stretching muscles into recovery.

We get things to work the way they should.


Go to services to see how we can help you achieve vitality, balance, and an increased quality of life.


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