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Fit 4 Life DC - Medical Partnering


Bridging the gap between healthcare and fitness communities


Fit 4 Life DC honors and respects the tremendous time and effort physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors have devoted to developing their knowledge. We are deeply committed to supporting their expertise.


We understand the frustrating constraints put forward by the insurance industry that can keep healthcare professionals from fully completing the healing process with their clients.


Fit 4 Life DC bridges the gap between the healthcare and fitness communities. We are not limited by the insurance industry. We can work with the entire body and provide as many sessions as the client needs in order to find relief.


We do not diagnose or treat conditions. We manage medical conditions by correcting muscular imbalances through exercise and creating functional outcomes.


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At Fit 4 Life DC, we are ready to follow the lead of the medical professionals and get the job done.



I have known Brian for more than 10 years. During that period he has demonstrated a level of professionalism and skill far above most Medical Exercise Specialists. His ability to manage clients and help them reach their goals is remarkable. He is one of the best post rehab professionals in the country. I always know when referring a client to Brian he will give the client everything necessary to improve their level of function.


- Michael K. Jones, PhD, PT
President, American Academy of Heath, Fitness and Rehab Professionals



I have been a Physical Therapist for 17 years and have worked with a great deal of personal trainers. It is very important for me to be able to refer my patients to a trainer that specializes in a rehabilitative-type exercise program. Many trainers feel they can train clients with orthopedic problems but they can’t. It takes a special understanding about the body’s anatomy and how the body moves to be able to appropriately train these clients. I have complete confidence when I refer a patient to Fit 4 Life DC. I know that each client will be given a comprehensive initial screening and their training program will be developed based on their specific needs. Every patient I have referred to Fit 4 Life DC has shown overall improvement and they seem very satisfied.


- Jennifer Merkel, MPT


I have worked personally and professionally with Brian Richey and Fit 4 Life DC for over 10 years. In my opinion, Brian is the most knowledgeable and conscientious personal fitness trainer I know. I regularly refer my patients to him because I am confident that he has the unique ability to design an individualized rehabilitation program that will increase my patient's function and strength while avoiding injury.


- Dr. Thom Connelly, Past President, Washington DC Chiropractic Association



As a physical therapist, I treat many patients who have acquired injuries from poor exercise training techniques. Either they performed exercises incorrectly or performed exercises that are harmful based on their body type or diagnosis. At Fit 4 Life DC, Brian and his team understand that proper body mechanics, alignment, and muscle isolation while exercising are most important; the amount of weight someone can lift is less important and can contribute to problems. At Fit 4 Life DC, they have the knowledge base that enables them to customize an appropriate exercise program based on a client’s unique medical history, strength, flexibility, and personal goals. The one to one attention is critical for many people who have abnormal compensation patterns from weakness or a history of pain. When I refer a patient to Fit 4 Life DC, I know they will be more productive when they exercise and will be able to progress safely.


- Carrie Coelho, PT



I am a 67-year-old physician whose passion is hiking. I came to Brian and Fit 4 Life DC following seven major knee surgeries (arthroscopies don't count), including two knee replacements. At one time in my life I was on crutches for three years. Other orthopedic injuries included tennis elbow, ankles, which had been repeatedly sprained, a partially torn bicep tendon, and low back pain that had intermittently been severe. In short, I was a wreck. I am sure that one source of my injuries was a lack of coordination. I have jokingly said I have body dyslexia.


Brian is an incredible trainer. He developed a careful workout program for me, which accommodated all of my injuries. When I had difficulty because of my injuries, he modified the program. Brian has a clear sense of what is needed. Each session is planned ahead of time. He keeps meticulous records. He thinks about my program in between our sessions. He comes up with new ways of doing my exercises.


A six year study of 3000 innovative executives published in The Harvard Business review looked at common characteristics of "innovators DNA". Three were an ability to associate creatively, an annoying habit of asking "what if" and "why not", and finally an unquenchable desire to tinker and experiment. Brian has all of these characteristics.


Brian is a lifelong learner. He attends multiple conferences each year, bringing back the latest techniques and the newest equipment. He has done an excellent job of training his staff. He provides ongoing supervision for them, observing their work with clients and making suggestions. He is an acute observer. He has begun teaching at a national level.


Now I want to brag about the progress I have made at Fit 4 Life DC. When I started with Brian I was only able to walk on the flat, occasionally getting to the point where I could walk an hour. Since working with Brian, I have climbed the last 2000 feet of an 18,200-foot dormant volcano in Chile. I did a 10 mile, 6 hour, hike with a gain of 4000 vertical feet (5400 to 9400) in Tucson. My favorite local hikes are Old Rag and White Oak Canyon along Sky Line Drive. I do these hikes at least 4 times each year.


Brian is very warm and enthusiastic. He has the intelligence and personal characteristics to have succeeded in any profession he chose. He could have been a physician, I'm very grateful he made the choice that he did.


- Jeremy Waletzky, MD

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