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Recently, a long-time friend looked up at me and said out-of-the-blue, “You are a walking advertisement for your trainer.” She was referring to the persistent slouch that had plagued me since I was a teenager. Today I stand up straight, my clothes fit better, and I command attention.


I went to Fit for Life DC ten years ago for two reasons. First, I wanted to improve my posture before it was too late, especially since genetic osteoporosis was likely to turn me into a right-angle. Second, I needed to be stronger to lift my father’s newly required wheelchair into the trunk of the car. Otherwise, I was stuck soliciting strong-bodied strangers to help me hoist it up.


On a whim I walked into Fit for Life DC to seek help. In a stroke of incredible luck, Brian, the owner, examined me and agreed to help me try to meet my goals. As it turned out, I got much more.


Brian is superb at figuring out what needs to be done. He knows every inch of the body. He can pick up on the smallest nuance, both physically and emotionally. For example, throughout my adult life I have experienced chronic back pain. When I walk into the gym, Brian knows right away if there is the slightest problem with my back. Thanks to Brian’s good work, my back problems have become increasingly infrequent. On the rare flare-up, the pain is considerably muted compared to the past.


A few years ago, I doubled my time to two sessions a week. Not only had my upper-body strength increased to the point that I could lift my father’s unwieldy wheelchair into the truck, I was fast becoming the strongest woman in the gym (excluding the trainers!).

The atmosphere at Fit for Life DC is professional but friendly. Brian is an excellent conversationalist, but he senses when I want to talk and when silence would be appreciated. In any case, he always keeps his focus on me. With a simple touch or suggestion, he shows me how to do an exercise exactly right—the difference between wasting my time and achieving maximum efficiency during the training session. He and his excellent staff keep detailed charts on each client. Prior to my arrival each time, Brian has set out my program for the day—specifically focused on my goals and my current level of ability—and records what I have done and at what level of proficiency.

Fit for Life DC has become an essential part of my life. I am healthier, taller (!), and physically much more confident as I approach my retirement years.


- Catherine E. Rudder, 62



I’ve been a client of Fit 4 Life DC for almost 15 years, and at 58 years old, I’m in as good shape as I could imagine. I’m an avid squash player and skier, and my training sessions with Brian and his staff have allowed me to continue enjoying these strenuous sports for many years longer than I could have hoped. I had shoulder surgery almost ten years ago and my workouts have successfully kept my shoulder healthy and strong. I continue to see improvements in my core strength, flexibility, balance, and overall fitness, and I have managed to avoid much of the normal middle age weight gains that we often experience. Brian has extensive knowledge not only about training techniques, but anatomy and musculature and post-surgical recovery and fitness. My workouts are never “routine” – Brian and his staff continually come up with new and interesting exercises that always challenge me and keep me “on my toes,” while addressing specific goals, like pre-ski season conditioning, that allow me to enjoy the physically active life that I live. I look forward to more years of fitness and good health with Fit 4 Life DC.


- Larry Rothman



I’ve had many old injuries and now two new knees had left me wondering whether I could ever regain my function. Aging has a way of accentuating early injuries, so by the time I neared 60, I could no longer walk. I was lifting my left leg with my right foot. Getting up from sitting required my right arm to serve as a leg; standing was possible for two minutes at most. I had to plan how to do the grocery shopping: what to buy on which trip, where the items were in the store, which bags to bring in to the house over the next several days. A bath? The last time I remembered being able to get out of the tub was 30 years ago. I had to decline activities I really enjoyed—hiking, swimming, basketball, and instead saw myself retreat to exercising my brain with reading, puzzles, writing, and thinking. By the time I could no longer sleep because of the pain, I knew I had to do something. Plus, I was finally old enough to be considered medically appropriate for artificial joints.


I got my new knees, one at a time, a year apart. The first knee turned out beautifully: great range of motion and no pain. But the second knee was painful doing anything but sitting. After getting through the surgeries and thriving on the hope that I would be able to do things I hadn’t done in years, I was disappointed that some of the pain remained and restricted my function. I had physical therapy for months after each knee, and the knees did indeed bend now and I had some new strength. But soon after stopping rehabilitation, my muscles remembered how to create that body armor and within a year, I was watching myself lose flexibility, strength, and endurance.


The first time Brian asked me to tighten my abdominals, he had to repeat the instruction, thinking I hadn’t heard. When I emphatically told him “I AM”, it was clear that the muscles may have been lurking in there somewhere, but they were not “turned on”. So began the journey of identifying muscles, feeling how they were supposed to work, and slowly rebuilding their proper function and strength. Now, I can walk rather than limp, I can stand rather than sit, I can take a bath because I can get out, I can plan to go to a museum and enjoy it, and most importantly, I can get past injuries. These are huge hopeful steps.


Brian is able to think of the movements that are needed to extend a leg, or bend a knee, or raise an arm and then use telescopic vision to tease out what muscles are needed, how the joint needs to be positioned, and what might be restricting movement. He then figures out a fun way to isolate a particular muscle and get it moving again. Only people able to break down movement, link it to function, and stay motivated (even when I’ve hit a plateau) could have kept me at it. I’ve been on this road for only a few years now, and I’m certain that keeping at it is pivotal to my health. Fit 4 Life DC has given me back my life.


- Susan Robertson



I have seen many doctors and physical therapists for years. I followed their advice, but did not improve. I had episodes of anger, depression and hopelessness. When my chiropractor recommended Fit 4 Life DC, I thought all I had to lose was my time, money and possibly increase my pain. In one week the exercises prescribed by Brian improved my strength and stability. I have regained more strength, flexibility and activity than many doctors told me I'd ever be able to have again. I am grateful to Brian and his staff.


- Linda Adelson, 47



It has been a pleasure to train with Brian Richey and the crew from Fit 4 Life DC since its inception. The professionalism and competence of the whole staff is quite impressive. The trainers continually work to improve their skills, making training sessions always evolving. Their ability to adapt and think on the spot to deal with whatever physical (usually stress-related) issues I arrive with on any given day never ceases to amaze. After years of working with Fit 4 Life DC, I can say that they have helped me age a little more gracefully, deal with stress and maintain a fitness level I didn’t believe possible.


- Dian Gorelick

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